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Nov 23, 2006
Kubota L6060

I've posted on this once before on my DX33, and seemed to be due to cold weather and hydrolic fluid from some help and pm's from TBN members. Took it to the dealer and as usually, no noises so no way to diagonos, so I assumed that was the case. Well, today it was 78 degrees, and started all over again. I was able to capture a few times it made the squeeling, however at other times it has been longer and more drawn out. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas after listening before I made another trip to the dealer, although this time I'll be armed with evidence.

I've added a new page to my website to link to the file at tractornoise ""

Thanks to all

Edit: Forgot to add - only happens when in forward or reverse, not when idling and not connected to FEL use.
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JK, your sound is very similar to my TC40DA tractor. If your noise is on the right hand side, I'd say you have a similar issue as mine. My problem was described as an intermittent air ingress on the suction side of the hydraulic pump. My noise was of quite a bit deeper pitch than yours, but similar in cadence, and intermittency.

This type of noise did not happen when the lifts were used, only whe the HST pedals were pressed, and in all ranges, 4X4, etc.

I commend you for your ability to post your recording. I have my noise on a DVD, but have not figured out how to get it posted. Your evidence of the issue is invaluable when trying to get help from the service folks. Good luck, and read the post about the service report for my tractor to see what they did to fix it. It was stressful, but to this point I'm happy with my results. The root cause of why it occurred is anyone's guess. Improper assembly, poor design, who knows? I can see how easy an o-ring can be misfitted, so that may be it....I'm sure some of the good folks on this site can add more than I.
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Hey Moyock,

thanks for the reply. I was going to pm you with the file to see if it sounded similar, as I followed your post and was curious if I was having the same issue. Mine sounds like it is coming from center to right of the tractor. I'll head to the dealer in a few days and see what they think.

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check your hydraulic fluid level. I had something similar and found out that I was 2 gallons short of fluid. :( Once I had the right level all was good.
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Fluid level is fine. That was the first thing I checked when it started. Haven't changed fluid or filters as their not due for another 100 hrs. I'll probably just try taking it to the dealer again now that I've got the sound on file. Our dealer support here is great, so I don't anticipate the problems that Moyock had.

Rick, thanks - I give it a try.

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Problem solved :) Rick - Just wanted to say thank you. I greased the zerks on the front driveshaft as you suggested. It took alot of grease before oozing out of the cover. Also, sent the sound file to my dealer and they faxed me the service bullitin suggesting the front driveshaft as well. 10 hours and not a single noise so far.


P.S. I've removed the sound file from my website listed at the start of the post but have put it on youtube if anyone needs to listen to see if they have a similar issue. YouTube - tractor noise
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Thanks, I have to try that -- i thought that noise was NORMAL as my tc40da sounded like that brand new from day 1! the sound link really is convincing, thanks again!
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That's just ironic as I just bought a TC21 today and just noticed the exact same noise. It's been driving me nuts as I've been trying to fix this problem all day. Did greasing the front drive cure the problem for good?
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Problem solved. I greased BOTH fittings on the shaft, lower and upper. Actually the upper grease fitting is what cured my problem. I could have sworn it was a throw-out bearing. Thanks for the audio clip. I couldn't have fixed it if it weren't for that.