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Feb 7, 2005
Was moving 4 tri-axles of gravel today. Pulled into the pile this evening and treadle pedal went limp. Machine will not move.

Got to looking around, looks (even though I cannot actually see) the cable could be broken. Tracing it back to the engine compartment, I notice when the treadle is moved, the cable does not move the lever on the transmission or whatever it is.
Almost positive it is the cable or what is inside the plastic end of the cable? Anyone know?

Have you guys had this happen to you before? Will probably call PT in the morning and see what they say.
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Maybe the spring inside the hydroback is damaged? Is their resistance of some sort when you push on the treadle? I had something like this happen to me when I was mowing. I put the treadle in reverse and nothign happened. Looking in the engine compartment I saw the ball joint that connected the hydroback to the pump had stripped and the hydroback had popped out. Another time the bolt that keeps the hydroback tight against it's mounting bracket loosened and the treadle only went in reverse.
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Everything still seems to be attached i.e. ball joint connection.

There is not any resistance at the treadle. Is there a spring inside the plastic casing at the end of the cable?
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Yes, that's the spring that gives the treadle it's resistance.
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Do you know if the treadle arrangement of your 1430 is similar to that of the 425? The reason I ask is that I experienced the exact same problem with my 425 last week and I posted it {HERE}

When I removed the kneeside covers in the wheel wells, I found the key pin in the treadle assembly to have simply fallen out. This made the pedal floppy/sloppy, and I had no activation of the tram pump. Until I fixed it, I was stuck out in the back 40.

Hope this is helpful for your situation...
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I think yours is the newer model that uses a hydraulic valve and his is an older model that uses the hydroback cable.
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Yes, when the incident happened, I thought of your post hoped it was the problem.

Talked to Terry today and he seemed to think it was a broken cable. He said the plastic deal in the engine compartment at the end of the cable is a "centering device" and is probably not the issue. I ordered the hydroback cable at his suggestion, but if there is a spring in there, that could be what broke.

Guess I will wait and see and replace the cable first. If I remember correctly, the other part was relatively expensive.
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Hope the replacement cable does the trick. Keep us posted.
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Received the cable today and installed it on the PT. Yes, the original cable was broken....found this out while taking things apart. The cable replacement was really no big deal. I believe I have it set back close to original specs but not sure with regards to the creeping in neutral.,,it is only very slight. Will re-adjust the cable later when time permits....
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Glad that fixed the problem! It's reassuring to hear that it was a relatively simple repair...