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Nov 23, 2006
Kubota L6060
Hi Everyone,

Here's another strange noise thread for you. I own a case DX33 - 84 hours. I recently started noticing a loud squeal when driving. Sounds almost like a squealing belt on a car, just not as loud or extreme. I've checked the hydrolic fluid, it showed just barely above the top line. The noise happens when its cold outside, the weather just recently warmed up and the noise stopped. The noise only happens when driving and quits if I let off of the pedal. It does not occur when operating the 3pt or FEL, only when driving and when cold outside. One other note, I also owned a dx24 before this tractor and noticed the same problem when cold outside. The dealer was unable to find any problems on the dx24. It also stopped when it warmed up. Anyone have any ideas as to the cause?

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I noticed maybe the same noise on my TC35 when out working on it when it was cold. I think it's the hydro pump. Can't be sure but the noise was coming from where the pump is on my tractor.
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youve done your 50hr service right?

my TC33 (same tractor) whined big time due to the craptastic hydro fluid in it. The filter/fluid change has really quieted it down.
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Probably a relief valve somewhere popping off due to the thicker cold fluid.
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I had my 50 hour service done at 58 hours on the machine. The noise is not a whine, but a loud screech or squeal.