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Nov 14, 2007
Northeast USA
1955 Ferguson TO-35
Winter weather is here, and it reminds me of some bad antifreeze I bought a few years back. The antifreeze came from a Western Auto store, and was a store brand packed by American Petroleum Packers, or a very similar name.
The antifreeze was brown, and had a strong, burned smell to it. Like a dummy, I put it into my engine anyway , thinking it may have been some new formulation . After a season of running, my thermostat did not seem to be working, so I pulled it out. There was almost nothing left of the brass thermostat, as it had been eaten away by my mystery antifreeze. The same thing happened in a second engine. I drained the antifreeze, and flushed the systems. I suspect that the substance in the antifreeze jug was the either the result of a major problem in the manufacture, or it contained substantial contamination from another product.
Since then, I buy only name brand antifreeze, and make sure it looks and smells correct.
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I saw a warning several years ago about some "cheap" antifreeze on the market. It was very corrosive as it was mostly a type of salt. Check the ingredients list on off brand's when you are looking.