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Apr 19, 2012
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ford 1620
Have a 1992 Ford 1620 with 3cyl diesel. Want to change antifreeze. I have some CAT premixed and concentrated diesel heavy equipment coolant. Pretty sure automotive antifreeze was used in past. Also I use rotella 15-40 oil any advantage to switching to synthetic? 1700+ hours and does burn a little. Thanks for your imput
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For me I use the red and mix it 50/50

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Your Ford probably came with and has been using an ethylene glycol based anti freeze. If you only wish to add anti freeze you should use something compatible with ethylene glycol. If you are draining and flushing the system any type anti freeze should work, just remember what you used for adding later. I don't know if switching to synthetic will do a thing for you. Some say switching to synthetic has stopped oil burning in their rigs but I have no first hand experience.
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I highly recommend Use only premixed extended life antifreeze
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switch to the pink/red to aid against cavitation.
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Flush it and use the premix red cat coolaid, Work buys it buy the 55 gallon barrel. It's good stuff. My own stuff, it all uses good ol' green coolant. I treat the diesel engines coolant with wixcool, napacool what ever the treatment stuff is called.

Really doubt going synthetic eng oil would be of advantage. If it burns a little oil, stay with your Rotella.
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Here are some you might think about:

Prestone Heavy Duty, Fleetcool, Fleetline

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I currently have 3ea 3 cylinger Fords....3000, 3600, and 3910. I use them a few hundred hours a year. I get mixed emotions about HD antifreeze (Fleetguard from my OTR truck dealer for one) designed to prevent pitting of cylinder liners in particular and I have been told by Ford mechanics that even non-sleeved line bored blocks in these tractors "can" have cavitation problems.

So I look up the specs on current Prestone and it lists its approved for light duty diesels....light duty.

Ok, Fleetguard is recommended for OTR HD diesel engines, a lot of which run 500,000 miles before overhaul and doing it in a few years pulling 80,000 loads all day and all night..........daaaaaa Is there something that I'm missing here?