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Apr 8, 2012
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It's about that time of year again. For the last 3 years or so, beginning sometime in May, we are infested with a small brown ant (sorry, never thought to take a close-up for ID). They have confined themselves to our kitchen, but no amount of house-keeping will seem to keep them out. Various ant traps have not been successful.
I'm hesitant to use any pesticides, but might have to if it continues.

Any thoughts?
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Get some Optigard ant gel bait. They eat it up.
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If you look around your foundation you will probably see where they are making entry. I use Ortho Home Defense Max Spray and spray a line around the entire concrete foundation. Of course this has to be repeated following a rain but it really helps to keep them out. You will never kill em all, there just too many.
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We haven't found an entry point. We have the foam all around the foundation and suspect they're entering between the foam and the concrete.
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Any thoughts?

This stuff works for our kitchen ants.

[ame=] Ant Killer: Terro Liquid Baits 2 Pk: Patio, Lawn & Garden[/ame]
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We have been getting the ants for decades in both our current house and the house we had in the city. The baits previously mentioned helped and I used to spray the foundation as well. Eventually they disappear. :eek:

The ants really tick me off :D but the ants are better than ticks in the house. :laughing: After the wall studs were up I went around and foamed any gaps between the foundation and the sill plate. One main reason was to keep out the danged ants. :laughing: The ants won. :eek:

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I use product from Orthro...ants,grants,grubs etc. just spread (not spray)around foundations little heavy maybe twice year..maybe,thumbs up from me.
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Got ants get Diatomaceous Earth, I bought a 40# bag of the food grade due to pets and use it everywhere and it was only $18 at the coop.
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I agree with the others, Terro works great. A clear liquid, you place a few drops on a small cardboard tab provided with the package and the ants eat it and carry it back to the nest and that's the end of the ants. Place it where you see ants running and they will surround the bait like cattle at a feed trough. Good luck.