Any D14 owners?

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Over the years I have made some modifications to make her more user friendly. I made a 3 point hitch adapter so I could use standard 3 point implements. I put on an oval muffler like some of the later model D15's had to quiet to enginge noise down. I found some very rare pie shaped wheel weights to fit the odd sized 26" rims. I replaced one of the rear lights with a flashing hazard light for safer road travel.


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Here is a picture taken one Christmas eve pick'in corn for a friend with the D14.


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Isn't that the wrong color for a 14?

Although I like Persian #2 better myself.
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Can a mechanical novice work on a D14 with a good manual??
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I have a CA, but the D series AC's were one of my favorite tractors as far as styling. I'd love to have a D14.

The AC's are such good tractors, easy to work on because they are simple, very good parts availability, and they usually sell cheap compared to JD or IH. It's a good thing the green and red fans don't realize how good the AC's are because you get a bargain for a better tractor.