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Frank Sorbello

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Jul 12, 2011
Power Trac PT-422
Looking to make some carts for my attachments. I have some of the smaller ones on moving carts. It makes it real nice to move them around my garage with out using the tractor. Trying to figure out a way to make one for the wheel trencher. It is too tall and top heavy. any suggestions
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Without having the dimensions of the wheel tencher, I's say make it wider at the bottom than the top by a factor of three.

That is, if its a foot wide at the top, make it three feet wide at the bottom and as low as possible. Get some wide wheels (like the ones I posted a link to in one of the mower/brush hog threads a couple days ago) and just use 3/4" bolts for axles. Find some wide casters for the front or make your own by copying the PT casters.
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Went to Harbor Freight, spent $16.99 for a dolly. Had some 2x4's laying around. Made a very useful cart for my trencher. Works nice.
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Yep, looks good like wood should. I used an old 2x12 and three 6" castors for my SSQA to 3 point adapter. It is more stable than I thought it would be.


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I had a heavy duty castor that was an inch and a half shorter than the big ones, so I made a "T" cart for the tree puller.


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