ATV ban proposed in Ontario Canada

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Mar 1, 2012
Coös, N.H.
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I am personally completely opposed to off road vehicles being used on road for recreation. They should be impounded and sold at auction. Our state bans them on roads, but has an exception for farmers running between their own fields for farming or livestock purposes. That is on county roads only, not state roads.
Kind of a touchy subject here in northern N.H. We have a large network of ATV trails, some of which use state, federal or town roads (no such thing as a county road here) as connectors between trails and/or to access town services (food, gas, etc.). It's up to individual towns as to whether ATVs are allowed on their roads, and which ones. I'd imagine the state is involved for US/state routes.

Tourism is big business here, and sometimes those interests ***** concerns about noise, dust and safety. I don't like them on the road either, and our town technically doesn't allow them but there's little enforcement.