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Aug 10, 2005
Vancouver Wa.
Yanmar Fx24D, Cub 3204
I've finished up mounting the auto controls for my tiller. Couldn't have done this without the help from Ernie. Ernie has all kind of parts for various Yanmar tillers. Only high-zut feature I know of I don't have is, I don't have one of the models with the shuttle control. Off-setting the tiller, L or R is only a switch away with these models.

Got the linkage mounted to the drag at the back of the tiller. Cables connects to the "draft" sense control on the tractor. With the use of the "draft" control one can set the depth of the tiller that is to be maintained. Use the position control as usual to raise and lower the tiller and draft control for tiller depth.

While at Ernie's I picked up an auto tilt control for the tiller. Got the mount and sensor mounted to the front of the tiller just above the pto shaft attachmant point. Plug the cable into the connector at the back of the tractor. On my UFO controls, when the front switch is rotate to the right position, the tiller will maintain a level position within the range (~10° +/-) of the right mounted hyd cyl for the 3pt tilt adj.

Still a little early for field trials but have manually tested out both controls. I can pick up the tiller drag and depending upon position of draft control when I reach the set point, lifting or lowering the drag will cause the 3pt to either rise or lower. Not anything to adj for the tilt control. Either the switch is on or off. I can drive around the garden with is not perfectly level and with the tilt control ON, the tiller will maintain a level orientation while traversing the ground. Think the dead-band on the sensor is something like 2° or less. The sensor is dampened so ever little movement isn't acted upon.

Anyone know of anyone else that has these control operating on their tractor?


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Mickey where did you get the cable?
I want to update mine to that.
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As usual, good ole Ernie at Ernie's Imports. Used Yanmar tractors, New Mahindra tractors, New Branson Tractors from Ernie's Imports inc As I mentioned, Ernie has quite a few tiller parts including cables for the this control. There are several styles so you'd need to specify tractor model and tiller model or at least a decent pic of the current cable. Ernie handed me a whole handful to see which would work better. As I have a quick mount hitch I needed a cable a little longer than the one I already had. A couple out of the bunch would have worked. Remainder of the cables are being returned.

I'm sure some of the other dealers here could also help you out.

I'm also giving consideration to adding the tilt sensor to my rotary mower.
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My tiller don't have anything on it. I will have to fabricate the brackets for attaching the cable. I could use just like yours. I have saved a copy of your pictures, will help tremendously!!!
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Check with a few dealers to see if they might have a bracket. Got mine from Ernie. I had to fab something to support the rod and cable end. Just used some 1.5" sq tubing. Seems to do the job.
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Mickey_Fx said:
Anyone know of anyone else that has these control operating on their tractor?
I think you and Ernie are 20 years ahead of everybody else here. Congratulations to both of you!