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Feb 10, 2007
Willis, Texas
Mahindra 6520 4WD
Anyone got one of these...........
Mahindra Rear Axle Breather Installed.jpg

I need to replace this one.........
Mahindra Rear Axle Breather Missing.jpg

MahindraUSA has none and doesn't know when they will.
hugs, Brandi
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My M6040 has a breather on each axle. Dead center with a rubber hose running up high on the radiator and up under the rear seat on the rear. Both terminate with a vented, one way plug. Prevents things like mud daubers, etc from plugging the tubes.
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Can you send me a photo of the breather vented, one way plug? I make have to design something and install that.

I found two places online that have them, but they are Indian websites. I have requested the cost to ship to Texas. Guess I will find out next week if they even reply.
hugs, Brandi
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I gather the breather itself is 1/4 BSP threads. I know BSPP is British Standard Parrallel Pipe. It's all over my CAT excavator. But what is BSP? British Standard Pipe. I understand it to have a taper.
Hopefully, if I can't buy the exact part, I will remove the breather base from the stand pipe and tap the hole out for a different part number. But probably will need an adapter made for it.
hugs, Brandi
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i get mine from amazon
If I can't get the part needed to fit my tractor, I will check out Amazon. I love having no shipping costs with Prime.
hugs, Brandi
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Mahindra says around 3 months. I have two back ordered. I got a thread adapter at my local hydraulic shop, along with a vented cap. No capped breathers. The adapter is 1/4 BSPP to 3/8 NPT. I ordered two 3/8 inch breathers from BSPP is British Standard Parallel Pipe

For now, I installed the vent........
Mahindra Vent & Adapter.jpg

Wrapped it in scotchbrite..........
Mahindra Vent Scotch Brite.jpg

Covered that with foil to keep the dust out...........
Mahindra Vent Foil.jpg

hugs, Brandi