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Apr 8, 2012
Gloversville NY
Kubota 2301
I just made the leap and bought a brand new 2106, with a 60" drive-on mower and loader. The loader is to be delivered/installed next month. I took deliverery just the other night and got my first use of it today. The mower did a very nice job, giving me a clean cut with no problems and no scalping.
This tractor replaced a Cub Cadet 2604 that I'd bought used about 9 years ago. I never had any real complaints about that machine, but it needed some work and so I opted to trade. I had looked at at New Holland Boomer 24; but Kubota's 0.0% financing made it crazy to buy used.
I'll brag on my local salesman/dealership a bit, if I may; Dale at Randall Implements in Fultonville, NY, treated me very well--like I was spending a LOT more money on a bigger machine. All my questions have been answered and I was treated well in all ways.
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Hope you meant a 'B2601'

I'm looking at those. Tell us how you like it.

One type of post we haven't seen a lot of recently is, "I just bought a _______"

I guess it's pretty bad out there.
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Must have mis-typed it. It's a 2301. Same basic frame as its 26 HP big brother.
I put 10 hours on it in a couple days of use. Very happy with it. It replaced the 28 hp Cub Cadet and I don't notice any loss in power. It also handles a 4 ft. bush-hog without the front-end loader to counterbalance it. That's better than the CC did.
I also apparently hit some wrong numbers on the Cub Cadet. It was a 6284.
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You been bitten by the tractor bug :eek: now that it's your blood there ain't no cure. ;)
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You been bitten by the tractor bug :eek: now that it's your blood there ain't no cure. ;)
I got bit a L O N G time ago. My dad repaired farm equipment. The first thing I ever drove was a Farmall A. Finally hit the point in life where I had the room and need (not to mention the funds) for the things I wanted. Four tractors later, I'm in a brand-new orange one. Loving it.