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Dec 9, 2023
B250 bobcat
Hi all.
I'm working on a b250 bobcat. Not sure year or serial number. Tag missing.
Older model has the locking ring on the backhoe boom instead of a pin. Has the slider for the boom attachment.
I am having problems. Can't turn on drive system. Electrically it fine but there is pressure on the safety switch that connects to the foot petal forward side. But pedal is fine. The switch is getting hydraulic pressure from somewhere else. Not coming from foot pedal. It coming from a hydraulic line coming from under back floor. I think it goes to the lever that's in the floor. The floor the under the backhoe controls. If your sitting looking at backhoe boom and controls it under your left thigh.
What the heck does it do. Can't find it in op or service manual. Just strange. Hope someone can help. Maybe it's why there is pressure on my safety switch. I cant engage drive system if there is any hydro pressure to that switch.

Thanks for the help.


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