B2650 - I just pulled the trigger.

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Jun 14, 2017
Copley, OH
Kubota B2650
Woot - I just signed up for a new B2650; should be available next week.. I've been waiting for a deal as good as I saw last June and I didn't quite get there - but very close. B2650 & 60" quick disconnect bucket & 72" belly mower for ~$20.6K (before tax - ugh).

I plan to get a set of forks & a light blade for the quick disconnect.
Also need some good LED lighting.
Any recommendations ?

BTW - I'm glad I read TBN , for advise to avoid the B3350. The dealer also told me they had so many problems w/ B3350 they can't recommend i(as of last summer).
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Congrats!! I know I enjoy mine! The guys on here are definitely a great resource. I splurged and got the backhoe with it and very impressed so far. Hopefully will be looking at some other attachments this year.
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Congratulations! Post some pictures when you can, we like pictures. :thumbsup:
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You will love it like I love mine! Building a carryall right now, so I will be ready for spring clean up. Your projects will now be fun instead of back breaking labor.
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Congratulations!! I continue to be impressed with how much more tractor it is than my previous B2400. I only have the 60" mmm, but it does a fantastic job of mowing. I was a little worried about snow removal, as chains require spacers with the turf tires on mine, but so far that has not been a problem. The turfs seem to work fine, but I haven't had more than 8" of snow at any one time to move. I think you are really going to enjoy your new tractor!!
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Get your tires loaded, you'll appreciate it. I have 35 hours on my B2650 and so far I love everything about it. I did it as a T/L/B package and had the oversized R4 tires from the B3350SU placed on it, I also did wheel spacers and 800 lbs of Rim Guard. This machine is a beast!

I'd really like to see various photos of your tractor with the 72" MMM installed showing angles of how the rear tires are placed compared to the mower deck and the mower wheels. I keep thinking that there may be a way for me to fabricate on that MMM and force it to fit even with my much larger wheels and tires. But so far I have not gotten a look at what would need moved/modified or if it is feasible at all.

Please, if you do not mind, get me a handful of pics of that setup!
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Just got it this afternoon. Wow - the display & controls will take a little getting used to compared to the bx2200. I'll have to get some pix this weekend when the temps are tolerable.

B2400 - I'll get some pix of the wheel/72"mmm clearance, but I can tell you there is about 2.5" of clearance in the "up" position. I have the industrial 12.4-16 R4 Goodyear Sure Grip Lug tires.
If I read the table right your 15-19.5 R4 Titan Trac's have a ~40.2" diameter while my "standard" R4's are about 36.9". That's ~3.3" diff in diameter or 1.65" diff in radius. If I'm right you'd have a bit less than one inch clearance.
I'll get you a tighter reading by the weekend.
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Steve, I am also pushed out 9 total inches in width, I'm 60.5" wide at the outside edges of tread bars.