Balancing Front Tires?

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Jan 28, 2006
Montana 3040
I have a Montana 3040 with Industrial tires. I just replaced the front tires and was wondering if one needs to balance tractor tires as you would an automobile?
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I've never seen a wheel weight on a tractor......

I should probably clarify as I know someone will correct me..... :mur:
balancing wheel weights.....

Traction wheel weights used to be common place, but not so much any more
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How fast you gonna drive this thing?

I dont imagine tractors go fast enough that balance would be an issue.
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Not enough speed to matter. Plus the tires would require so much weight they'd have a hard time doing it. The tires simply aren't built or designed with roundness and evenness as a high priority. Tractor tires are designed with big lugs, weight and durability in mind.
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That is what I thought but I replaced the Titan Industrials on my Montana 3040 and they vibrate a little whereas the original tires did not when the tractor is in 4th gear on pavement.
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Maybe check the front end parts
If you have worn out a set of tires you may have some worn parts now
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It's likely the lugs and not the balance.