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Sep 17, 2013
This is tooooo good not to share.

I hang out on - Encyclopedia of Homemade Tools and Imabass just made a DIY Barbed Wire Fence Unroller that is by far better than the Co-op or Tractor Supply offers! Yet it's very simple to make from welding or wood or thick PVC.

I'll be making mine from PVC that fits on my box-blade. Needing 2 barb-wire spoolers and 1 hot-wire spool.

Here's his blurb ... :thumbsup:

I built this a few months ago. I have modified it from the one in the video by adding 2 additional arms so I can unroll all 6 wires on my fence at once. Each roller is adjustable to accommodate all the standard rolls of wire. This worked great as I was able to unroll all the wires at once and keep them from tangling up. I have tons of fencing to redo and this will be an amazing time saver. It is really doable as a one man team and really speeds up the process.

Basic materials list:
1' of 2x2 square tubing for the receive tube mount.
4' of 2-3/8 oil field pipe for the main mast.
6- 6" pieces of 2-7/8 oil field pipe to swivel around the 2-3/8 pipe.
6- 14" pieces of 1x1.5 tubing for the swing arms. These are welded to the 2/7-8 swivels.
6- 12" pieces of 1" round tubing for the rolls of wire to rotate on.
6- 1" fender washers. I added these from the video posted. These are welded about 2" above the arms and the rolls of wire rest on them.

This was mostly all scrap metal that I had laying around.

There are some wire roller trailers out there that sell for $150ish and only unroll 1 strand at a time. I don't have that kind of spare time to use something like that.

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I watched some of the video, but don’t have sound. Did he mention being able to go over .1 mph? I was waiting to see what happened when he drove at a “normal” speed. I built a contraption to layout 3 at a time this fall, and the way barbed wire unrolls, unless he has some sort of tensioners for each roll I promise it’s getting tangled. I built mine so the rolls are horizontal to help minimize tangling, but I can’t say it helped much. I spent enough time untangling the wires that it was almost as fast to just roll out 2 at a time, though not quite.
BTW, I wouldn’t suggest trying one out of wood or PVC. There’s a lot of pressure once you get moving, especially when built vertically like that one is.
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To save fabrication effort get a piece of 1/2" water pipe about 4' long and run it thru the lift arm balls with 2 rolls between the arms and one outside.
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My dad made one out of the handle of on old push mower. Ran a rod between the ends and put a dick of mild steel tight to each end. Worked well and it did not tangle often, and was not hard to stop when it did. Ed
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When I installed the barbed wire fence around my 80 acres - I did one strand at a time. Its hard enough keeping one strand from not catching on stuff, binding up, snarling etc,etc. I can not imagine doing four at a time and I would NEVER ask anybody to "tend" the barbed wire as it unwinds and you lay it with the tractor. I put a heavy bar between the upper arms of the 3-point, put the spool of wire on the bar and laid it out with the tractor.

During one run I had the wire hang up and when I released the tension - the wire recoiled back and cleared almost a quarter acre of sage brush.
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Sorry, I get up early and don't turn on the lights and my hunt and peck don't always turn out as planed. Ed