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Jul 29, 2019
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Hi Everyone.

Im looking to see if anyone knows of something that would allow me to duplicate the posts on my battery. Sort of like the clamps that you can put on that are like a marine terminal with the wing nuts, but that would also provide a second battery post.

I dont want to mess with the factory wiring on my RTV500, but I need to make more attachments to the battery. The plow was hooked up at the dealer, and I already had to re-wire that once. I dont like how the rings are on the battery terminals now, so would like to attach them separately.

Some looking around the web shows lots of options for installing stereos or marine equipment, but I cannot find any of them that will also allow for a re-connection of the stock wiring. I know there are some Group 24 batteries or deep cycle that have both posts and wing nut/stud connections, but I am hoping to get the use out of the battery thats already in the machine.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Search eBay and Amazon ..."battery post adapters" and "battery post connectors"
All kinds of them - cheap.
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Search eBay and Amazon ..."battery post adapters" and "battery post connectors"
All kinds of them - cheap.

I did search both sites, and didn't find what I was looking for, which is why I posted here. Only option that looks similar is the Kat5 terminals with a post adapter. Might go that route
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They sell them at just about any big Marine Store, West Marine, etc.... I have several on my boat batteries to run accessories..
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^^ Guys, none of those examples "also provide a second battery post" that he's asked for. Only that one made in Australia looks like what he is describing. I've never seen one like that either.
If it were me, I'd alter the original wiring and use one of the common styles everyone has posted. There's nothing wrong with a good clean mod.