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Frank Sorbello

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Jul 12, 2011
Power Trac PT-422
Looking for a new battery for PT-425. Anyone know what the cold cranking amps, size etc... should be. And a good source for purchasing one.

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I just replaced mine in September. It’s a rare size and my local Interstate distributor only had one in stock. I couldn’t find a direct replacement at Batteries Plus or any parts store chains. Seems like I might have found one orderable at Lowe’s or Home Depot which was my backup plan.

Interstate Part number SP-45
Group size 45
CCA 480
CA 600
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Look at the specs on your existing battery. Should be a label on top with the info.

Generally, I try to get a replacement battery with the highest cca’s I can find in the correct size.

NAPA usually has a wide selection of batteries if you have one close by. Tractor Supply generally has a good selection too.
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On my 2425 I had to think outside the box, literally. It took care of my hard start when it dips down in the single digits where I live. I keep it parked outdoors. I have a 750 cca battery now with a little more umph. Also notice the welding cables for battery cables, works very well.
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@Tchamp Nice! I replaced the Power-Trac cables when I got mine as well.p, as I have had too many issues with "standard" cables not being up to the task when old.

I'm sure that you are super careful, but if it were me, I would at least cover up the positive terminal. I could see myself accidentally shorting it to ground, doing something stupid like having a wrench fall out of a pocket...

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