BCS 732 fuel issues

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Feb 2, 2024
Memphis, TN
BCS 732
hi all, grateful for any advice you may be able to offer.

our bcs 732 (w honda engine) is having fuel issues, has been going through gas way quicker than normal and putting out heavy exhaust. we try to run it with only ethanol-free but unf that's been difficult to source lately so it's been using regular since about august. in september during fall bed shaping it was having fuel uptake issues, our guy did some work on the carburator (unf not sure exactly what, had a different supervisor at that time) and it ran great for the rest of bed shaping. but these last couple weeks we've just been using it for post-pruning woodchipping/shredding and it's running through gas too quick, w more exhaust. have tried cleaning out the carburator, less exhaust today but still running through gas too quick.
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Possible that the choke isn't fully opening or the float valve is not sealing causing carb overflow issues.