BCS "curved coupler" for DIY sulky or trailer?

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Two wheel tractor hitches are not ball hitches and do not allow for "up and down" movement for a reason. The trailer keeps the tractor from tilting fore-aft. The combination of the tractor and trailer become an articulated 4 wheel vehicle. Also see the explanation on the Earth Tools website: Earth Tools

Ahh :lightningbolt: :lightbulb:

thanks for that link! I get it.. :thumbsup:

Grateful to have your help/hive mind/group intelligence here to help me avoid a silly mistake on this. :drink:

when I get done either clamping or welding (leaning toward clamping) my straight pipe adapter onto my trailer, I'll post a photo.
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My DIY solution was to buy the curved coupler and drill a big hole in the end of a trailer hitch adapter to attach a trailer with a 2" square tube. Working awesome so far! Posted some pics up here:


Nice setup!

My trailer has the ball hitch tongue welded on already, so I'm going to have to attach something to the side, that will look a little funkier, but hopefully still works...
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Here's my super simple curved coupler.

You can use it for any attachment that you want to pull from behind and ride on. Here's a disk harrow.

And a wagon.
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Here's what I came up with.


The trailer is one I already had, a 4'x6', made for the road, however it does tilt to dump loads. It gets me up my 30 deg slope paved driveway with a light load, I have yet to try it out in our fields. I'm hoping to put on a seat on the rail of the trailer. I like the foot rest NibbanaFarm has.
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I bought an extra blank quick adapter to install when I use the towing coupler. They are $40, but you can probably make one cheaper. I just figure it was better than getting dirt in the PTO whenever I use a trailer.