Belt for 914A MMM

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Mar 10, 2002
Central Ohio
My belt has some chunks out of it, but still works for now so I hate to remove it. Can this belt be obtained from aftermarket sources? I know I can get one from a dealer online for $50 plus shipping. Hoping to acquire one locally. All I know is it's supposed to be 159.8". But I don't have any other dimensions yet.

Anyone bought one at the auto parts store like NAPA? is a 60" rear discharge
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Sep 6, 2001
South Central Ohio
Kubota L3301
I've looked around a few times Jerry, but no one ever has anything that long. I think NAPA was the closest as something like 140" or so and I believe that belt was $60.

I've just resorted to buying from the dealer that I purchased the tractor from. Had to buy one earlier this year when mine came off and then later broke and did a bit of damage. I want to say I paid $45 for mine from Cross & Sons. Not sure how much FTS would be now, I know they are typically a bit more expensive than Cross and Sons.

What really aggravates me about how New Holland did the designed of this deck is you have to remove one of the mounts for the gear box to replace the belt. So since you are going that far, you might as well remove the other one and change the oil in the gear box. Make sure you get the bolts back in the gear box tight or they will come out and then you have problems like I did. I ended up having to flip my gear box over after one of them came out and broke the other corner off the gear box. That reminds me, I better check my bolts again before I mow this week.....