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Aug 3, 2017
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I have some old belts for my belt sander that the glue that holds the splice together has given up. The belts come apart as soon as you try to use them. Any ideas of what kind of glue to use to hold them together?:confused: I have quite a few & I really hate to throw them away.
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I think you better just toss them. I'd be worried about having it let go while in use taking out a shroud or other part of the sander, but I "feel your pain":thumbsup:
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I had a similar problem. Turns out it was the plate that they float on had a raised sharp edge. Fixed and fixed.
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When they come apart like that I wouldn't try to fix them. Save them. Use double-stick tape or some spray glue to stick them to your saws miter gauge to stop board travel during the cut.
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The glue you need to remove is the ones sticking your dollars to your wallet. I’m all for saving but even if your time is only worth a few bucks an hour you’d be ahead to buy new.

Now if this is simply a man challenge I fully get it.......haha. If that’s the case I’d try the moisture activated polyurethane- the most common brand is gorilla glue.
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I cut them up and use them for hand sanding or wrapping around a wood block.