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Feb 28, 2010
Hello. Appreciate any feedback on CUTs with regards to mainly mowing performance and good stability on hills. Anything much over a tonne is probably getting on the too big side. Was sold on a Yanmar EA2400(CC SC2400 in USA) but thinking I don't want to make the mistake of going to small. I have the acres and work to justify bigger, mainly the extra price I have to struggle with. The 2400's seem to pay a bit more attention to the little things that make mowing easier and I'd like to find a bigger tractor that is still a quality, stable, maneouvrable machine. Mowing will be its main job. The bigger Yanmars look ok but the new Iseki TH series, new in Australia anyway, looks like it could fit the bill. They've made some good sounding upgrades. Would like to have a quick/easy release FEL too. Having greater ability out the back would be a plus also as the 2400's are limited in this regard. Concerned about parts availability for Iseki's though. Positives or negatives welcome.
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You should tell us more about your mowing needs as in acres to mow, frequency of mowing, topography. Is this your business? If so you may be better off with two machines, one that can handle the steep slopes better and tight spots and another that will handle the large open areas. Hard to know if you are mowing a pasture or lawn.

Take a look at the Deere 2720, same wheelbase as the TH series but 31hp if available in your locale.
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Live in the tropical highlands with about 5 acres of lawn to mow, not slash, rest is cow country. Doesn't sound like much but the grass grows insanely here for about 4 months of the year. Many trees to get around so prefer a MMM. Hoping to avoid two machines.
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For a MMM you should really look into a JD. They are the only brand I know of that offers a quick attach MMM, just drive over and drive off. Saves a lot of hassle if your going to take it on and off a lot, otherwise about any brand will do the same thing:thumbsup:
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I have the SC2400 and love it. The 60 inch MMM is the best cutting deck I have ever used. Takes me just under an hour to mow 1.5 acres. Also - I have had the FEL on and off a number of times with minimum effort. I believe there is a driver over deck available for the larger Yanmars too. Good luck with your quest. Enjoy the hunt!
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Thanks Martian. Local JD dealer, and only one within cooee, does not inspire me. The quick attach MMM, while handy, is not a major seller as hoping to keep on as much as possible.
Thanks imgone52 for reinforcing my view on the yanmar 2400's, I could still go that way. Neat little unit I reckon. Have you used the rear pto and linkage for much? The bigger Yanmars with MMM look ok too.
But the upgrades on the new TM and TH series Iseki's keep calling me. The Iseki engines are (apparently) Isuzu built. I have a Isuzu Dmax ute and the engine in it is absolutely wonderful:confused2:
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Kubota has a mid mount mower for the Grand L series from the 3240 to the 3940:


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Kubota, over here, are a bit costly for my wallet and the closest dealer is a long way away.
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Yanmar EA2400(CC SC2400 in USA) but thinking I don't want to make the mistake of going to small. I have the acres and work to justify bigger, mainly the extra price I have to struggle with.

I just upgraded from a 21hp to a 32hp - loving the power difference. In the USA the JD's that size are Yanmars. The wheel size and ground clearance are not quite tall enough for me. Limits what I can do in rough ground. The JD I drove did not have double acting hydraulics on the fel. I could only lift or curl, not both at the same time. A really useful feature for me on the Orange tractors. I prefer the 3 speed range option over a two speed as well. Definitely go for a drive over MMM. A 60 inch deck is going to require 2 hours to mow 5 acres. If you have heavy grass more power will be appreciated. Buy as much tractor as your budget will allow - don't cheat yourself on size.