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Troybilt horse models are hardly indestructible! We went through one and had to buy a second before I gave up and bought a tiller for my tractor. I've seen MANY leaky and blown Troys!

To the OP, buy the BCS!!! You can thank me later...

I have thought about the BCS, as it can use other attachments, that is if its big enough. I still do not know enough about the various models.
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Well, Nothing is indestructible if you want to be literal about it. I bought a Troybilt 20 years ago and it was already probably 30 years old. I used it off and on for 20 years sometimes I didn't use it for 4 or 5 years and would go out and put fresh gas in it and a shot of starting fluid and it would be running on second pull. That's 50 years of use on the thing and it still runs and tills.

I'd say that's pretty indestructible in my experience. I'm not alone in that experience either. I have used it to break untilled soil multiple times. If you get a Troybilt horse that has been taken care of they are hard to beat for the money.
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I second the Troybuilt used ones. My neighbors dad had a well used one and I was able to borrow it. It wouldn't run without using the choke of course. I fixed that and used it to set up my new lawn and graded as needed. I returned it in better condition than I got it. He was amazed at how easy it started and ran when i did. Said it'd had been like that since he bought it many years earlier. Now I have a Protil with a Peerless trans and it weighs about 1000 lbs. Hard to manage but no dirt can't be broken with it. It's pretty amazing machine considering it's from the 70's.
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I had today off due to the MLK Jr. holiday, (first company I have worked for that gave it off). So I headed over to the local BCS dealer to see how the units handle and compare to the Troy built my grandfather had, it would beat the tar out of me when I operated it, doesn't help that I was 12ish.
I would say that the BCS units are slick, and they are not one trick ponies. I will rent one this spring to see how they really handle and go from there, unless one of the other deals beats this decision.
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I would go BCS if you don't have a tractor. If you have a tractor, get one for it. There is absolutely NO comparison. Tractor mounted tillers blow walk behind tillers out of the water.

If you're just doing small beds and weeding, get a mantis or the honda equivalent.