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Nov 12, 2020
Pageland, SC
BX 1880 with FEL and canopy
Anybody know of this company? I see some tillers I really like on there that should be well suited for my low HP subcompact tractor. I've never heard of them, but I can't find any negative information, and when I'm on their site I don't get any of the warning bells I usually do on scammy pages. No Chinglish, all information is clear and well written, pictures and videos seem legitimate, etc.


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I have one of their wood chippers. Works great, I haven’t experienced any issues.

I think they’re a good value for the money.

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I have one of their 72" finish mowers. I have used and abused it, sometimes as a brush cutter! Still going strong without any issues.

The good thing about them is they stock parts for everything they sell, and they don't triple the prices like other brands do.
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I have one of their flail mowers.
Decent product, just don't expect it to be as good as something that costs twice as much.
Happy with the flail so far, it works fine.
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They have a 33" offset tiller that says it's built for subcompact tractors. I wanted a 48", but no more tilling than I will do, the smaller track isn't going to matter much. This size I should be able to run even in hard ground (BX1880). At home I'm in Sandy soil, but it would be nice to know I can run it well anywhere. It's the first I've seen like that, and the price is nice.

I've got to get over the Wicked grapple purchase first, but this is on my list!
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Then let me help you on prices. Nine years ago I got a grapple - VERY heavy duty( Land Pride - SGC 1560) - and WR Long third function. Total price as installed by Kubota dealer( w/o state sales tax) - $4370.

I've been here on the property for 40 years now. Not even once have I seen any used implements available for purchase. Sad but true. Years and years ago - I simply gave up looking.

I purchase new and from local dealerships. I firmly believe in the saying - "you only get what you pay for". Unfortunately - sometimes even that is not true.

My Kubota as set up now with grapple - RimGuard in the rear tires and heavy Rhino rear blade. The Rhino rear blade is manual and cost - $3650 five years ago.

My point being - buy now, cry later. Get what you want/need - don't skimp. I've found thru bitter experiences - a cheap, lightweight implement will seldom do what you want or expect.

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100% right on. That Betsco outfit only sells implement from across the pond so expect the across the pond (Chineseum) quality, or lack thereof and you won't be dismayed.

You ALWAYS get what you pay for and cheaper is usually just that.
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I understand these points, but sometimes you do get a good deal, and sometimes you can get the job done with cheaper stuff. Keep in mind this is a light duty tractor. A few satisfied customers above is promising. Still feels like a gamble though.

Has anyone seen an offset sub 48" tiller elsewhere? The more I think about it the more I like the idea of smaller but offset.
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I have there 48" flail mower, works great have had no issues.
I would buy from them again.
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@mwemaxxowner You might try "local" auctions. Like @oosik, I haven't found the used market hereabouts to be very useful, in part, I think because of the number of folks who can use attachments 5-7 days a week earning money, and are willing to pay close to new for it.

With steel prices and transportation costs going up, I think that the phrase that comes to mind is "he who hesitates is lost", or at least is going to pay more.

I was just at an auction where a bunch of dealer surplus was being sold. A year ago, for the types of attachments that I was looking at, you could have bought new surplus for 16 cents on the dollar, last week it was fifty cents on the dollar, with what seemed like a number of dealers trying to buy extra inventory. (They were buying three or four units at time, until the price hit 50% of new, and then, poof, they were out of the running). Used attachments were running 10-20% of new, but many were in obviously trashed condition (broken hoses, bent motors, etc.). I picked up two attachments for two specific projects for basically what it would cost me to rent them for three days. So, they will be "free" at the end of the jobs. If I don't like them, I will sell them and be ahead, and if I do like them, they will get used on other projects. Win-win in my book.

I would say buy what you need, but buy something you won't be cursing at. There is inexpensive, and then there is cheap.

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