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Nov 11, 2005
Montana 4940
Hey guys, I'm thinking about trading my 4940 for a 5740C, and I was wondering if anyone that owns a cabbed Montana would share how well their AC system cools the cab. I am especially interested to hear how it does in extreme heat.
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Hi Gav. I have sold many, many of them but our heat up here is only about two weeks of significant heat. We get around 100 and my customers love them. I have had one warranty claim on one that had a hose break but that was a known failure on a short run that was easily replaced and under warranty.

Other here in Texas, AZ and other real hot spots I am sure can give you better input the here we have had virtually no problems.

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It has been in the high 90's here and the 5740 AC is so cool I have to turn it down, the vents are very adjustable so you can direct the air for your comfort.

Good luck
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My friend, did you EVER come to the right spot to get that answer!! LMBO!!

I've owned my 5740C since Feb 05, and 05 and 06 were extreme drought and extreme heat years for us here in Texas. In fact, we're going back to that extreme heat and humidity conditions right now, with our air temps going to hit 101-102 this weekend. That puts our heat index, or what it really feels like outside up to around 110.

I should mention that I am also VERY sensitive to the heat, courtesy of my time with Uncle Sam many years ago!!

I have NEVER gotten hot in the cab while operating my 5740C in the middle of an afternoon like we're going to have today, or have had in the past. My A/C on my 5740C has been a lifesaver, day after hot and humid day, if I'm out working in the 5740C in the heat. Without it, I couldn't have done that work at that time of day. Believe me, I judge any vehicle on the quality of the A/C in these Texas summers and I'll hold the 5740C's A/C up to anyone else's. Never have had any problems, except that "mouse in the roof fan" problem and that was the mouse's fault and not my A/C system's fault! I went to the 5740C from a non cabbed tractor specifically for the A/C and I'm VERY pleased!

I came back in to add to this post that my neighbor across the County Road from me, bought his 5740C after using mine. He too is very pleased with the tractor and the A/C's performance in our hot Texas Summer!

Hope this helps.
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Thanks everybody! I have heard that they will freeze you out, but a dealer around these parts told me that. Not that he's not trustworthy or anything, but "usually" they won't tell you if it doesn't work too well. Thanks again for the feedback.
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Like UncleBuck I am also in Texas. I totally agree with his comments. I have a 4940C and when I turn up the AC it gets almost too cold. I don't run it really high as the differential temperature plus the high humidity we get here in East Texas will cause you to soak all your clothes. Then when you get into the cold tractor it can be very uncomfortable and unhealthy as well. It's been over 103 here with the heat index over 110. The AC in my 4940C cools it right down and I've been out cutting hay for hours on these days. You can do that in an open least I couldn't with my allergies and heat sensitivity.

I'm very very happy with the AC in my 4940C.

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Go for it and get the cab. You'll be glad you did. I live here on the gulf coast near Houston Texas just two miles north of the Trinity Bay. It's very hot and humid here. The A/C in my 4940C is a life saver. It's very cold and will make the windows condense up the mornings. Also, get your windows tinted with a good UV blocking window tint. I tinted all of my windows with a 30% 3M window film and that made it even colder in the cab.

I cut hay last week and it was 102 outside and a cool 72 in my cab. Spend the money for the cab. You can work in your Sunday's best and never get dirty.
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I live in Edmond. My A/C has been worked on and recharged twice due toa small fitting that broke twice when it was brand new. It now has almost 330 hours and I have had no A/C problems.

I do wonder if the freon re-charges I got were done right. The mechanic said he took the tractor a friend who does A/C's on the side. I wasn't too sure about that. One mine, which may not be as good as it could be, if it gets above 100 it's not quite as cool as I would like it to be. It is better than being outside though.

If I am working in dry, grassy condistions I need to spray out the radiator every couple days or the A/C temp really goes up. Keeping the fins clear of debris makes a big difference.

Who is the dealer that you have found?