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Sep 18, 2011
john deere
I have 2 2014 650 bobcats, 1 is millionth edition t650 and a s650. Both are completely identical with 1000hrs on each. The track machine has been giving us issues with the right side track motor. Has a squeal like the brake dragging. Took motor off and bobcat tore it down and said it's fine. So traced it to the valve block for brakes and 2 speed and said that was the issue. Replaced it with a full assembly. And still getting the squeal sometimes. But after running it a bit it goes away or sometimes it never squeals at all. Charge pressure is 438 on both machines. Any help with this? 20180726_134711.jpeg1532628319750.jpeg1532628351315.jpeg
   / Bobcat t650 brake issue
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Well I got some help from another dealer that knew about bobcats better than anyone I ever talked to. Little fitting on the backside of the pump with this spring and ball. The screen becomes inverted and becomes like a plug. Reads pressure just fine but doesn't quite have the flow. 8$ part #7202329. This is after I spent 2k with our local dealer that couldn't figure it out. 1532633133283.jpeg
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Hi im having a similar issue with my 2014 T650. could you give mea little more info on where to get this spring? or maybe a contact number to the dealer you talked to? thanks
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Its nice when it works out good.
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Thank you for sharing this made it a quick fix for me on our T770. Changed out the oring to JIC fitting off the valve block and problems went away. Here is a diagram where to find it. It’s on the back of the valve block towards the motor with a small steel line going to it. Number 43 on the diagram.


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