Boomer RPM problems

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Peter Asher

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Feb 25, 2024
New Holland Boomer 35
I have a Boomer 35 with 500 hours on it.

It suddenly dropped down to a constant 1350 RPM and did not respond to any throttle movement and then, just as i got back to the house, dropped down to the 900 RPM idle and stayed there. Later it started right up on several tries and then jumped back up to 135O.

The dealer said it was a computer issue that could only be diagnosed in the shop and picked it up. Then, when they went to analyse it, it started up and ran normal. The say the have no way of finding out what caused this.

Now it's back and running normal.
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This is an old LS 35 HP video. It had the inability to rev.
1300-1400 RPM sure sounds familiar...
IIANM they both have the LS L3C19-T

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