Brand new tractor...appraisal?

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After a 17 yr wait until life circumstances permitted, i took the "zero percent" for 84 months and paid a small loan set up fee (approx $100), got the tractor on affordable payments, and it has been totally worth it for what it allows me to do. i'm happy.
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As to local vs big national financing source, I had never thought of it.

Why not apply to RK for their 0% financing? I thought they offered that for a $100 fee.

Or, if you can pay it off, use the RK Harvest card and get 5% off... but it can be an ordeal with the credit limit forcing limited payments so it goes in dribs and drabs. I'm going through that now.

When I got quotes from other brands they had 2 prices - one for 0% financing and one for cash... so 0% is not 0% in the tractor financing world.