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Aug 17, 2003
I am looking at buying a 2810 with loader to use for tilling, cultivating in my 2 acre garden , snow removal, mowing, moving dirt ect . Are these good reliable tractors that will give many years of trouble free service ? Are they as easy to work on as the old tractors of the 50's & 60's and are repair parts easy to get? Will the frame hold up to loader work. I read on another forum that someone had problems with the bell housing cracking on a 2810 with a loader. Thanks Keith
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Keith, the tractors are real tough and to hear that one cracked at the bellhousing is surprising. I suppose if the loader was installed but not tightened properly and began to work a little it would put stresses on bolts and castings beyond their design. The loaders mount very well with front mid and rear supports, so I think you have little to worry about. I have read of other brands, including the big three, breaking, but I think it is rare and generally there is a story to tell if the truth be known.

These tractors are not as simple as a 40 or 50 year old tractor, thank goodness. With two hydraulic pumps, shuttle shift, two-stage clutch, power-steering, ROPS, tilt wheel, etc, there is more complexity. Even so, they are relatively simple and straightforward to work on. Parts are easy, just go to your dealer.

They are a very reliable and well built tractor, as is the Century.