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May 5, 2003
Hart County, Ga
Branson 3510
Just bought a Branson 3510 with Branson loader after much looking. I must say the posts here were a factor. Compared JD, Kioti, Eicher, etc before deciding on the Branson.
I really liked the Century 2035/c-50 package, but it was about $1200 more here. Has anyone here had experience with the Branson Backhoe? THe dealer here wanted to sell me a Bradco instead ?
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Congrats! The Century C-50 is a heavier loader than the Branson but as you noticed it also cost more. I think the Branson loader is a good one and have theorized the C-50 is overkill for most needs. No one has tested them side by side. The specs are not all that different but you can definitely see the size difference in the frame. No experience with the Branson Backhoe but I'm sure you could find out about Bradco here. Most dealers push their own line of implements to save on shipping. I ended up purchasing my cutter and boxblade from Midwest. Let us know how it works and what happens with the backhoe! Just out of curiosity, what did you pay for your set up?
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I am in NE Georgia, bought the 3510 from Palmetto in SC, I paid $13,200 for the tractor/loader with ag tires. My second choice was a JD 790, a smaller tractor, that was about $600 more. I considered the JD mostly for the dealer base, but when you compare specs, it just doesn't compare to the Branson.
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Congratulations on your purchase. You're going to love it. I'm surprised you went out of state to get it though. I bought from Northeast Georgia Equipment Sales and they were very reasonable. I bought a 3510 with FEL, Branson 5ft rotary cutter, Lowery 5ft box blade, and a 16 ft tandem trailer with brakes on one axle for $14300 delivered to my door(60 miles).
I've put about 26 houres on it so far and it has performed flawlessly.
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That was a very good deal. I actually called them first, and they didn't return my call. Palmetto is a couple of hours closer. How do you like the box scrape? I am am not sure what brand this dealer carries, he lists one for $290 on the sales brochure.
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I have only used the box for a couple of hours moving some gravel. It works fine but if I had it to do over I would get a 6ft
box. It takes about 5 1/2ft to cover the tire tracks.