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Aug 29, 2002
mid- Maine
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I see that Bransons are available with their own brand of 3-PT attachments. Just curious if anyone knows who makes them and how good they are?
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I asked Mark Eubanks (Branson's V.P.) that question a few months ago and can't remember his answer! I do remember that I had not heard of the company. From what I've seen of them, they look to be of good quality. I think there are probably better deals to be had, but don't quote me on that.
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I notice their box blade has 1/2 inch end plates. Sounds like it's pretty substantial. Too bad the rotary cutter hasn't been announced yet. I'm in the market for one of those.

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They have a light and medium rotary cutter--the info just isn't on the website yet. Don't have the specs in front of me but Branson does have printed literature on them. I'll try to remember to bring them with me tomorrow. I would think Midwest would be a better value, though, and they powder paint in red. I have the RC30-60 and it is a bear. I'm very happy with it.
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I used my Branson tiller today, for the first time. It is a BTC 64 inch. It did a great job and seems to be built nice. I think it is a SIMCA or CORONI, both made in Italy. Happy so far.
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Kodiak builds most of the Branson implements. The tillers and finish mowers are built elsewhere, in Italy I think. Yes the HD box scrapers have 1/2" end plates. The rotary mowers use 7" channel for the sides. Most of the implements are certainly heavier than average with good welds and respectable paint. We just ordered again, this time a full truckload to sell with our Bransons, so obviously we feel they represent a good value.