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Mar 26, 2014
Creswell, OR
Mahindra Max 25HST
Looking for pallet fork options on the Max 25 with the ML202 loader. Is there a factory or aftermarket SSQA an option like the 28XL? I wouldn't mind clamp-on type either. What are "Mahindra approved" options? The bucket is pinned on (not welded) but that's not very convenient either.

Another caveat for me is I installed a Piranha tooth bar on my loader cutting edge which I don't want to take off if you paid me!
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I built these for my emax 25. Very happy with how they worked out. The forks are 2"x4" hickory and significantly stronger than a pine 2x4. Behind the plywood there is an upright 2x4 that is tight to the top of the bucket, the plywood then adds lateral stability. I've had 4 12 foot treated 6x6 posts on there approx 600lbs. With zero issues, also free as it was built with scrap.
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I use these. Very well made...work well...cheap.

They have them listed without the stabilizer bar for $169. I got them without it and soon called an ordered the bar. It's really needed.

Clamp on Pallet Forks 4,000 lbs Capacity w/ Stabilizer Bar

I got the 1,500 lb. ones from palletforks.com and the stabilizer for my eMax22. Agree that it is pretty much essential. Without it the forks kinda go all sideways. The forms have been very good to have, very handy. Didn't think the larger ones would be worthwhile since the FEL only has about a 900 lb. capacity anyway.
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I think you should ask the guys at EA. They should know.