BX suspension seat....again....

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Looked at them, but way out my price league.
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The OEM seat is fine for me. Actually has pretty good springs in the rear IMO. If I am bouncing around in the seat, then I am going to fast for conditions. Don't want a suspension seat to take away my safety alert.
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If anything, I want an air-ride seat for my truck...
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Nice. I saw one on eBay around same price, now I'll have to see if I can find it again my lawn sucks and a few less jolts to the back would be nice....I do run with lower pressure in tires to help...
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I bought the electrical version for my BX2680. My previous tractor BX1800 had a mechanical spring suspension seat and it was ok. The electrical air version is awesome. I also bought the lateral isolation assembly. I have 2 compressed vertebra in my back and 20 minutes on the tractor before was very painful. Now I can mow 3 plus hours without bothering my back. I made my own mounting plate and removed the springs to keep the overall height as close to factory as possible. I also ran separate wire to power the seat. There is auxiliary power back there one could use under the blue tape.
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My OEM seat is just fine. I do not expect my M6040 to ride like a Cadillac as I work my property. I can see a superior seat if it involves a medical condition.
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I bought the electrical version for my BX2680. My previous tractor BX1800 had a mechanical spring suspension seat and it was ok. The electrical air version is awesome....
Thank you ArmyAviatr for answering the question. I too have a tender back and the addition of foam filled front tires stiffened up the ride much more than I anticipated. These seats are indeed pricey, but not out of the question. Your feedback helps in making a decision. Thanks.
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I am not sure how they mount their seat. I found that when I placed my seat in the factory mount I felt like I was sliding off the seat. Also all together it raised the seat about 3 inches plus the seat was tilted forward. I found the lowest possible height I could based off the fuel tank and propped a level on the tank at that height. I then cut out my hinge arms using the factory bracket as a rough guide. I then found some 1 3/4 steel tubing with 1/8 wall and found the proper length minus the rubber bumper from the original springs. The cross bar the springs sit on has a slight angle to it so I cut the tubing the proper length and angle (welded the angle side to new bracket) I also had to shim the bumper so they wouldn't fall out of the tubing. I then took some steel plate and welded together for my base plate and welded the pivot arms and tubing to the plate. I also used some angle iron to fabricate a bracket for the locking mechanism so the seat wouldn't flop forward if it ever rolled over. I also ditched the factory seat slider because the seat I bought had a slider on it. Using the Grammer seat, slider, lateral disconnect and my bracket only raised the seat 1/2 an inch. Here are some pictures.


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Good info, thanks very much. If it requires that much modification to make it work, I guess I'll pass.