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There are no stops; it can go around and around. I cut nine extra teeth in the chute because I didn't want an Oops moment when it got to the end of the travel, and it can go in either direction. I will be answering Keyman's question on how I cut the teeth later.
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Keyman, the motor was purchased on ebay. It was a new Anchor Lamina A62FM with foot mount. As others have said, it doesn't make a lot of difference what hydraulic motor you get because there are no real torque demands here; the smallest will work so I looked for a small one that didn't have a high max. rpm. I have seen videos where people have done this mod. and when rotated the chute would scream around. What they need is a hydraulic restricter in the line. Anyway, the one I bought has a max. rpm of 982 and it has turned out to be a good speed. If I had to go one way or the other from this I would choose a little slower.

After purchasing the motor I went about making a mount. I copied what "Dyer, retired" had done only used different materials. I used the same two existing bolt holes for the vertical piece where I used 1 sq. tubing and then made a horizontal piece template out of 1/4" plywood. When the template shape suited me I copied it to a 1/4" thick piece of steel plate. I then cut a piece of steel rod for a brace. I took it all to a local welder who welded it all up in less than 5 min.

I measured up the chute flange and entered the measurements into a CAD program which showed that 9 more teeth could be added with even spacing between all teeth. I printed this scale drawing and transferred the critical points to the chute flange. I then drilled out the base of the tooth valleys with a drill size with the correct radius (don't recall the size but close to 1/4" diam.). After drilling the holes I cut the sides of the teeth into the holes completing the tooth profile. I used an electric die grinder with a slitting disc but a hack saw would work fine here.
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In my experience, the front blower is a bit louder when raised than when lowered. I suspect this is due to the angle of the PTO shaft. There are also two holes on the quick hitch for the lift cylinder, only one of which should be used for the front blower. Either position can be used for the front blade. My dealer set it up in the wrong position, which I corrected. I have hydraulic rotate, which was pricey but so worth it.
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I had the exact same experience today as you and others with the snow blower. I've had the BX 2360 since May and other than the noisy transmission I'm happy with the operation.

I mounted the bx2750D blower today and unfortunately my dealer had not serviced prior to delivery. No oil in gear box, the vent plug was still painted over and no lube on the grease fittings. I pulled the cover on gear reduction cover and lubed the chain and also found out the chain was as tight as it could possibly be. It was still quite noisy when I engaged it so I ran the blower for about 30 minutes. That did seem to help. But the noise is still predominant.

I have a Woods sb52 on my old kubota B7200 and it does not make anywhere near as much noise as the new bx2750D. But I'm looking forward to clearing our 1000' drive by driving and looking ahead for a change.

I do see some other ideas hers for raising the skids also possibly adding a power chute rotator. Thanks for that input.

I'm sure the noise won't be noticeable when we fill the auger with snow that will add it own audio. Have fun.

This is my third Kubota I purchased in 25 years, also have a B3030 with LA 403 loader and MMM.
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I also got frustrated with the whimpy manual chute rotator and converted to a hydraulic motor this summer. There is a thread in the hydraulic section on DIY flow restriction, http://www.tractorbynet.com/forums/2113172-post32.html. This was a simple and easy solution to slow down the speed of the chute rotation. Looking forward to our first lake effect snowfall later this week.
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The noise is normal. I should know, Ive had two brand new units :eek:
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The quick connects for the hydraulic lines, are they available only from kubota or are there aftermarket ones?? think I have eveything I need but the quick connects. Just need them and the hose to complete my parts list then off to build. Anyone know ??
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Keyman, if you are going to cut the extra teeth I would be happy to send you a pdf file of my CAD drawing. If you can get the scale to 1:1 using a copier or something you can cut out the paper, lay it on the flange, and prick-punch the hole centers. It looks like I used a 19/64" drill to make the extra holes.

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Thanks Wild Bill that was the last info I needed. Just ordered all the parts and hoses. Now I need to built the mounting bracket and I should be done. I am still debating if I will cut the extra 9 teeth in still.