Calling All BX Owners.... ADVICE NEEDED!!!!


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Sep 9, 2008
JD LA115, WH 244, Troy Built Horse 8 HP
Hi All,
My family and I are looking into a sub compact tractor for 15hp to 26 (on a small frame). We have been mowing with our JD lawn tractor and its not enough....we need something that's 4WD so it will have no problem climbing when it is wet out......I have only herd great things about the the Kubota BX's. What do the owners think. I have about 6 mowable acres. What size BX do you Suggest??????

You really do not want to climb slopes when they are sopping wet because of slippage and traction issues -if its wet enough you can dig nice parallel trenches.

A BX 2660 with loaded tires and a

Caroni TL1200FSC flail mower will work nicely.
540 rpm
F rotor finish cut
fixed hitch
seventy two grass knives
48 " cut

or the

F rotor finish cut
fixed hitch
eighty eight grass knives
59 inch cut

The flail mowers have full width rear rollers and most have scrappers to clean the rollers.

The rear rollers reduce scalping to a minimum, mow the grass and leave narrow windrows of clippings that can be recut if desired and the flail mowers chop leaves with zero effort.

The flail mower will use less power and fuel, not clog as easily with high any high grass and the grass is sliced where a rotary mower tears the grass blades.

The design of a flail mower lift the grass as it cut it and throws it over the rear of the rotor and back on the ground and it recuts grass to very small pieces as the blades overlap as it advances in either direction.

A rotary mower tears the grass or weed stalk in one piece and dumps it if the mower does not become plugged.

A flail mower will not make missiles out of anything the way a rotary mower will as the knife blade may contact an object and the knife blade will fall back from the impact and not create damage for the rotor as the knife blade is on a swinging mount.

The design of a flail mower allows very little grass to build up inside the hood of the rotor and you baely have to clean it unless you change knives when required

The flail mower will add to stability while mowing up hill as the roller is contact with the ground and it is the method of regulating the cutting hieght of the flail mower.

I mow our 5 acres with hilly terrain with a 48 inch motorised towed flail mower using a wheel horse 525 hydro in three and half hours or less if in high range.
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