Can I add anti-gel to my tractor

   / Can I add anti-gel to my tractor
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I used to do the same thing with baby food jars they were pretty tuff jars.
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I run Howes or Amsoil year round. It also contains a lubricant, ULSD is dry, lubricity is a good thing.
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Is your tank full? Of course not. You plan on adding product to the tank. Can you add 1 gallon to the tank? Pour the quantity of mix into your portable tank. Finish filling the balance of fuel to the tank. Shake, slosh, wiggle, (Out of your wife's view!) She may have questions you may not want to answer. Pour it into your tractor tank. Start the tractor and let it warm while you enjoy another exquisite cup of coffee, heating your body. Now your tractor engine is ready to work, fuel is circulating through the injector bypass circuit, mixing, warming and vibration of the motor shaking the fuel in the tank further. Can't get it all in? Do your neighbors drive, return home, pour the rest in the tank, have another cup of the warming nectar of the god's, for your belly. Now warmed, refreshed, fingers flexible again, nose without similarities of Santa. Go make your neighbors think your are superman!