Can't believe Sams Club did me this.

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We have never had a problem with Discount Tire. And, they have locations all over Texas. I had a tire losing air out in Midland once and pulled into a DS store. They plugged it and I was back on the road in no time. Always great service.
Discount Tire will repair anyone's tire for free. And rotate tires for free. They want you to come back when it is time to buy new tires. Darn right I am! Bought 8 tires so far. Am delighted to live only 3 miles from one. Previously 80 miles.
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I’d bet 90% of my tire service is through Discount Tire. Happy with their work and their repair policy is great.
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I like my local tire shop too. They are only about 8 min away.....And I graduated with the owners step son and now his step son manages the place.

As far as some who order online and install their own.....I have NOT found a place to even buy the tires.....for cheaper money than my local shop can mount and balance for. Im not gonna pay MORE money to do the work myself. And regarding lug nut torque....I never take a vehicle to the locak shop. Because I dont like waiting and its only 8-min I set the car on jackstands in the shop and take just the wheels/tires. That way I can inspect brakes, joints, tir-rods, etc. And the shop can usually get them done right away if I take them that way....but if they cant Im not stranded there til they get to it.

Regarding tire failure/manufacture defect......Up until last year I would be in the camp to say I have never had it happen. However on my 2016 Ram 3500 I had a front tire start breaking cords/belts. These tires were put on the front only when I bought the truck in 2019 with 60k miles. Last year at 75k miles I had a leak. And now in the tread was what looked like an elongated slice. Thought maybe I ran over a piece of metal or something.

I took it to tire shop to see if it was "fixable". He took one look and said its got several busted belts and wouldnt even trust airing it up. After dismount you could run your hand on the inside of the carcass and feel it. Sad part is it gave me warning and I didnt know it. For about 3 months I would have an intermittent vibration/steering wheel shimmy. I crawled under truck several times checking joints, bearings, etc. Could never find anything. It was the tire the whole time.

I cant remember with 100% certainty but I was thinking the tire was a nexen. My local shop said they quit selling them tires because they had SEVERAL come back with busted belts. So I chalk that up to a MFG issue
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The last time I was in Sam's was the tire department. Waited in line 35 minutes to talk to the one person at the counter. Watched the shop floor for lack of anything else to do. 5 employees walking around aimlessly doing nothing the whole time. No air wrenches hammering, nothing. 3 cars on lifts. During the 35 minutes one guy walked out and balanced a tire, rolled another tire back to the car. Then disappeared. Another guy kept coming out of a back room, to filing cabinet, put a sheet or two of paper in, took a sheet or two of paper out, and returned every 10 minutes or so to do the same thing.

When I finally got to the front of the line was told, "Sorry, we are all booked up. Come tomorrow." How about an appointment? "We don't do that." I heard my explicative echo from the far corners of the store. My membership was due for renewal in 2 days. Didn't.

Conversely Discount Tire is a top notch class act. Equal or better prices than Sam's. Or Costco.

I stopped at a Discount Tire to check my air pressure in Greenville, Tx on my way to San Antonio. I saw a young girl (discount tire employee) working on a car, bringing a jack to change the tires. I ask one of the younger men checking my tire pressure that was the first girl I have ever seen working at a DT store, because it's hard, back breaking work.
The young man looked at me and said the girl is always calling in sick so the other guys have to take on additional work. Even DT can become woke.
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Typical threshold is 10% or so. 4500 chassis RV is exempt due to gvwr. Shouldn't be though, some rvers are a little distracted, many install their own tpms including the towed vehicle they pull. Class A motorhomes don't even have a spare and lug nuts are 450 ft/lbs torque.
Me, 5 or so mins before departures, and "old trusty"Milton are my RV TPMS. Lol
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Thankfully I live in the town that has the corporate HQ for Tire Rack. I buy tires from them and have them put them on the car.

I'd never trust Sam's to do that kind of thing. Costco has tires too..... don't use them either.
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Thankfully I live in the town that has the corporate HQ for Tire Rack. I buy tires from them and have them put them on the car.

I'd never trust Sam's to do that kind of thing. Costco has tires too..... don't use them either.
Did you know the Veldmans sold Tire Rack to Discount Tire back in 2021?

Great family story.

(Some of their kids went to high school with me and some of my in-laws., and some of their family donated about half of the new St. Joe High School building. Lots of other humanitarian projects they're involved with. And other businesses.)

From here:

Tire Rack History:
In 1979, automotive parts and service business owner Peter "Pete" Veldman came up with his business idea for the Tire Rack after his son-in-law Mike Joines was frustrated when he couldn't find tires for his Opel Manta sports coupe. Mike recommended that they start a mail-order tire company that stocked a few of every tire. Although Pete convinced Mike to help him open a retail store instead, they had so many phone orders that they eventually shut down the retail location and opened more phone lines.[1] Three years after opening the store, Tire Rack got into the mail order business and by 1990 the store was shut down.[2]

In 1995, Tire Rack began its website where it posted reviews of tires it sold.[2] In 1998, Tire Rack began online sales.[3] Since 1995, Tire Rack has been the title sponsor of the National Sports Car Club of America(SCCA) Solo Program, a club that allows driving enthusiasts to compete at a local level.

By 2005, Tire Rack had grown into a nationwide company that distributes more than 2 million tires annually.[4] The company now offers 24 tire brands and has ten warehouses in nine states.[3][5] Customers who pick up orders from a warehouse location are offered a discount.

After 26 years of being a privately-owned family company, Los Angeles-based investment group Leonard Green & Partners took a 49% stake in the company with the Veldman family controlling the majority 51%.[6]

Pete Veldman passed away on March 14, 2014 at the age of 87.[7] Pete's son-in-law Mike Joines succeeded him as president.

On December 4, 2021, Discount Tire acquired Tire Rack for an undisclosed amount.[8]
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Nice place up here in South Bend. A local family started them. Their original place was in the old AM General complex on the south side of town. I think they now have 4-5 of those warehouses around the country. They hold a lot of events on their track. Races, competitions, testing, training. It's fun to watch when they turn the water system on the track. I've gotten tires there 2-3 times, and my kid ordered tires from them and had them shipped to Pittsburgh when they weren't available locally. Good folks! (y)
After reading up on them again, Tire Rack now has 10 warehouses in 9 states, so they're still growing.
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After reading up on them again, Tire Rack now has 10 warehouses in 9 states, so they're still growing.
I have bought several sets of tires in the last couple years from Amazon on Line as well as as Priority Tire, Simple Tire Walmart, Perfection, Discount and a couple others. Have checked Tire rack multiple times and Not once have they matched or been less expensive than other vendors for the same tires.
Maybe someday?