Cart or wagon?

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This might be on the small side, but it works behind my Kubota BX2350, JD 322, and Ariens ZTR just fine. It'll haul almost 1000 lbs of stuff, despite its diminutive size, and it has a manual dump lever. I use it for moving firewood stacks, occasionally mulch, bags of concrete, sticks, etc. without having to worry about it getting bogged down, yet it is still movable by hand. The handle is reversible so you can either tow by tractor or by hand. We got ours at tractor supply and it's almost exactly the same thing (couple years ago). It doesn't seem like TSC has it anymore, but HD and Amazon both do:

I replaced the tires from air-filled to solid tire and have never regretted it. Never have to fill the tubes again, and it cost me a whole extra ~$50 or so.
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I second the gorilla cart. Mine has been in use for almost a decade for hauling wood, moving gravel, and just about every tool I have has been on it. Pull it with lawn tractor and the Massey.
I always wish it were bigger, but at the price, it is amazing. I use it for something almost every day. With 4 wheels and a pull handle, it even works for the recycling and garbage hauls to the cans.
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Sorry, it looks like a great cart for kids to play with!
Just paint it red.


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Sorry, it looks like a great cart for kids to play with!
Just paint it red.

I've got the cart pictured (I think. Mine dumps), and it's a great cart too. The 1,400 lb. cart I linked to earlier is very well suited for what the OP wants. The black cart pictured here can easily haul two people around...
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When I worked for the school district, we had a warehouse with about 10 raised dock stations. Only a couple had adjustable dock levelers to allow the fork lifts to enter the truck. One day a truck pulling doubles pulled into the dock area. The maintenance building was located across from the dock and was spaced so a tractor and 53' trailer could almost straighten out for backing to the dock. That distance was far too short for doubles about 100 usable feet. The load on the back trailer needed to be offloaded by fork lift.

I watched that driver backing up those doubles and on the second try he got it exactly centered on the adjustable dock station and perfectly square.

It was a piece of beauty to watch.


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