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Sep 6, 2023
Ford C230, 52 Ford 8N, Big Ferris with a C1.5 Cat Diesel engine
Hello all: I have installed Turbos on Diesel street PU trucks and I do realize that with turbo boost comes the need for more fuel. I recently came across a new Chinese turbo and waste gate that is advertised as correctly sized for my 1500 cc Caterpiller C1.5 Diesel. I can do the fabricating and plumbing to get the turbo on there, but I don't have a clue about ramping up the fuel delivery. On other Diesel vehicles, I tied for around 850 degrees at 6" from the exhaust valves using an exhaust gas pyrometer (EGT). I have been inside CAV DPA mechanical Diesel injection pumps like my Ford Diesel uses, but nada on whatever the Cat C1.5 uses. Any body know how to bump up the fuel on the CAT. My Ferris/Cat C1.5 runs wide open against the governor so you would think just watching the EGT and changing a spring, or turning a screw, or shimming something would do to increase the fuel??
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Would you mind telling me what turbo you were able to find? I'm trying to figure out the fueling issue too. Let me know if you figure it out
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I am glad to do that, you can review the attached file. Let me tell you my thinking about turbo charging my Cat c1.5 engineed Ferris 72" zero turn. As a side hustle years ago, I put a brand new Ak Miller turbo charge kit onto a equally new Ford F250 4x4 pickup truck. I got it bolted in, welded up a three inch exhaust system, and finally got it running. It ran like was a sick pig. No more power than it had stock. A small fabricating shop, local to me, knew how to increase the Diesel's fuel pressure (I didn't), and did so using the exhaust gas temperature (EGT) gauge as a guide. I had installed an EGT using (at the time) aircraft parts. He ran the fuel pressure up until the EGT went from 500 degrees F to 800 degrees F. It woke that Ford truck up. On the way back to my shop from the fuel pressure guy's shop, I went away from a red light next to a kid with a Camaro and did really well. Fun to drive to say the least. Three years later the same Ford guy returned with another new truck, but life got in the way of me doing another install. Now, as I am thinking about my Ferris Z-turn needing just a little more power, I might look for the suppliers of used, next bigger cubic inch Cat Diesel engines like c2.0's or whatever they are? And try to source a good injector pump and maybe injectors from it. That way, I could (1) try shimming springs in the stock c1.5 pump with stock injectors (2) try the stock pump with bigger injectors (3) try the bigger pump with stock c1.5 injectors and (4) try the bigger pump and bigger injectors. As long as the EGT doesn't exceed 800 degress working wide open throttle and under full load, I should be gold. If the EGT is cooler than 800 degrees, it needs more fuel. If hotter than 800 degrees, stop and lower the fuel pressure/or go to smaller injectors to cool down the EGT, so as to not hurt the little Cat engine. I love my Cat c1.5.


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