Cat vs Squirrel

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We have squirrels at our bird feeders every day, and I don't mind them being around. They've never done any damage here that I know of. But for some time now we've had a problem cat. I first thought it probably belonged to one of my neighbors, but I couldn't really even get a good look at it because when I opened a door, it would be gone like a streak of lightning. And when I mowed the yard this last week, I found dove feathers in the yard. But the worst part is that our Chihuahua would see that cat on the patio or in the yard at night and start barking. I'm not too fond of being awakened at 2 to 3 in the morning.

So yesterday evening, I baited my live trap with a sardine, and caught that cat during the night. A very pretty grey cat with 4 white paws and a little white on it's throat. But obviously a feral cat. WOW! That sucker wanted to attack, snarled, hissed, and fought get out of the trap, but of course to no avail. So I called and our animal control guy came and got it. I didn't ask what he did with it, but he took my trap with him and brought it back an hour or so later.
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I can't really taste any difference.:laughing:

Well, then at least they don't taste like chicken.

Interesting story...back before I retired, I had a meeting with a guy to to discuss a problem they were having with a guy salvaging copper wire by open burning the insulation. At lunch, something was said about the "mystery meat" in our BBQ. I made the remark that it might be a kitty cat. He said that wouldn't be so bad, cat was pretty good. And I asked him where he had eaten cat...he said in a restaurant. He went on to say that such fare was available, you just had to know where to go and ask for the "Special Menu". There was an ethnic element involved here, but I won't go into that.
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My cat prefers half grown squirrels to full size but has caught both rabbit and squirrel full sized.
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In the seventies, while visiting a family in Austria, we ate cat one time. It was ok but not great. Kinda stringy actually. I didn't know it was cat until after the meal. This particular family were refugees from Bulgaria that moved to Austria - they thought of "Fritz" as a delicacy.