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May 30, 2003
sw missouri
Case DX 40 8/1/03
Hello everyone! I am still trying to decide on a first tractor for myself. I've been looking, reading, etc. for awhile. One of the first tractors I drove was the above. I liked it and of course the price. Seems nobody else(jd,nh,bota) can touch the price for what it is. Well, I was steering towards a nh, but have started reading a little more on the Centurys. My Question is does anyone know where the other parts of the tractor are made (tranny, frame, etc.). I know that the engine is a jd yanmar, but what about the rest. If these parts went out is century the only place to get them or are they simullar to others. I guess I am worried about the "what ifs". I know it is hard to see what the future holds for century. My budget just isn't the greatest and the tractor seems to be a stout one with a nice $ to boot. Thanks Griz.
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Centurys are built in Korea by Kukje, a large company that builds engines for Cummins and tractors for John Deere among other things. The make their own frames and parts.

Bransons are the same as Centurys but marketed under a different name with different model numbers.

Don't worry about parts. Just about all compact tractors are made overseas. Parts are not at problem for any of them. They are all made by big companies. None of them are going anywhere.

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Griz, As the proud owner of a 3045 I totally agree with Snowridge. I have zero concerns about obtaining parts. Both Century and Branson are selling extremely strong and the parent company Kukje is as solid as a rock with contracts from John Deere and Cummins. I believe Dave (Dave's tractors - Branson dealer) said that Branson is up 300%. I know a few months ago Century (American Jawa) was sold out of 2028's and 3045's. A shipment of 3045's just arrived at the distributor. I am extremely pleased with my tractor and if I had it to do all over again, would buy exactly the same machine. Number of mechanical problems in almost two months - ZERO. After using it for a while, I know a lesser machine would not have suited my purpose. Also in the same boat as you, I couldn't afford the equivalent Kubota, NH or JD. After my experience with it, even if I hit the lottery, I wouldn't spend the extra. It's just not necessary IMHO. /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif Check out this site, you'll be impressed: http://www.kukje21.co.kr/english/index.htm
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Hi Griz!
I went through what your doing now back in April. The parent of Century ( and Branson ) is a big company and they are unlikely to be going anywhere. I also checked out some pricing on parts and the savings are there as well. I bought the 3045 and it has been Great!! No problems at all. The construction of this machine blows everything I looked at in this price range away. I glad your open minded enough to look at century, I don't think you will be disappointed.