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Dec 6, 2001
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Has anyone tried the Century/Branson backhoe? I am a new Century dealer and have seen/driven the tractors and loaders. That cemented which brand I wanted to sell! I have not seen the backhoes though, and would like feedback on them before I start ordering them.
Thanks again for the input.
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Nick, I received five 7620 equipped Branson's last week and sold them all in 3 days! I assume Centruy is using the Ameri-Quip like Branson. The sub-frame set-up is top notch. The hoe is well built, nice and heavy, but not so heavy as to unbalance the tractor. The 3510 and the 4020 have been the most popular. Glad to see you are selling the Century-Branson line. Dave
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I was under the impression Century and Branson do not use the same backhoes. Anyone know this for sure? I just compared specs, and darn if the Century specs are not exactly the same as the Branson 7620 specs. Probably not a coincidence. A dealer told me the Century loaders were made in Europe--I wonder where they are made???
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The Century tractors use the Ameriquip 7600 backhoe as their C-System backhoe,I believe it is also the same hoe used as the JD # 47 hoe,Its pretty well balanced,I will also be trying a 8600 as a retrofit on the 4045,Good luck with your new product line /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif