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Jun 24, 2003
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Recently I received kinda, maybe, almost approval to upgrade my old tractor to a new CUT. I have been spending a lot of time reading posts on TBN. Excellent insight into the various CUT tractors! My wife has horses so I spend most of my tractor time working six acres of fenced pastures and maintaining the riding arena. Also have some woods and wetlands. Currently planting grass around the house. My terrain is quite hilly. Now for the question. How does the LandTrac 360 DTC stack up against the Century 3035. I sat on the 360 today (dealer @ 20 miles), will be looking at a 3035 in 2 weeks (dealer @ 90 miles). I have reviewed the spec's and realize the 360 gives up about 700 lbs. but the 360 has four cylinders. I will buy with FEL (5140 vs. c50) and have a feeling that the c50 is beefier and easiler to take off. 360 dealer said he could mount the joystick on the fender similar to the Century. Looking for info on parts, durability (I live in rock country), layout, comfort in the saddle, etc. Thanks


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I see you reposted because you didn't get any answers here. I bought a Century from a dealer who carries both Century and Long. I gave the Long a quick look and personally wasn't impressed. That's not to say that it isn't an excellent tractor, it might be. The Long just seemed crude compared to the Century. I never seriously considered them, so I don't feel qualified to compare them feature for feature. I guess most of the dealer's customers agree with my impression as he sells Century 3-1 over Long. As for the PTO. My impression from reading the board is that the electric is more convenient and trouble prone. Recent posts from Mahindra, Kioti and JD forums have all mentioned problems with the independent PTO . I am reminded of one time when I almost purchased an Eddie Bauer Bronco. It was everything I wanted except it had the electrical switch for 4WD engagement. I never trusted it and passed on that truck. A friend of mine bought an XLT with the 4WD switch. I ended up with an XLT with the 4WD lever. After 100K plus on each he had a lot of problems and expense. I had none. As long as the PTO is either Live or Independent, I wouldn't make a decision based on PTO. I would stay away from transmission driven such as in a Kubota L 2600. JMHO
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Thanks for the input. Did you happen to see/compare the 5140 loader vs. the C-50 that you have. I haven't seen the C-50 yet but the 5140 looked a little on the light side and the joystick was in an awkward position. Weight of the 5140 without bucket is 479 lbs. What does an average bucket weight? I've read the C-50 is 1320 lbs. with bucket.
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Just /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif I posted to this before I went away for the holiday - dunno what happened to it /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif The C-50 is pure beef. I run my R4's on turf so they are not loaded. Loader lift is suffucent to get the tail off the ground - and that's at 5200# tractor and loader. Specs don't seem herculean, but trust me, much more lift and you could have problems and that's if you load the tires and/or use a counterweight(ballast).