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Dec 5, 2020
Massey Ferguson 2605 H
I use my tractor in the woods to make firewood, I skid tree length pieces to a wagon running gear, then load them using the FEL. I like to hook more than one piece, so sometimes I use three or four chains, so i wanted somewhere to put them other than leave them drag, so I came up with this.
It is clamped to the ROP, no drilling!


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One Youtube I saw had them putting a chain inside the circular part of the FEL frame on some tractors. They sealed it off with a PVC cap. Don't recall how it was attached. May have put a PVC into the tube and maybe Gooped it in place.
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I've seen pictures of people using the hollow pipes to store things too. The issues with that are, it's just a small volume of space, and it just is not as easily accesable. With my "iron curtain", I just reach up and grab the chain, or just reach up and put them back on the rack.
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I use the hollow pipe to carry long handled tools (shovel, rake, etc.)
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If your pulling logs, look into using cable log chokers.
They are much lighter, and easier to store.
And you can rig multiples to one clevis.
And you can 'thread them' under a log on the ground, unlike a chain.
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Like the idea longs as the side chains don't hit the fenders. (y)
I have chain basket big enough ax chainsaw etc.
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Thanks for the advice Homesteder,
I have never seen a cable choker except on tv and here on the forum. I'll be turning 65 this month and have been using chain for skidding since I was 14 when I helped a local logger. Now my woods time is limited by how much firewood I need, which since I quit burning in the house and now burn outside is about 5 or 6 cords. I guess I'm too frugal and stubborn to invest in a different way of doing things, besides that, I have my "iron curtain".
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The chains do sway a little, but don't hit the fenders. They have knocked the paint off the axle housings in places, I'm not really happy about that but I consider the tractor a tool and will accept that kind of wear and tear. That being said, I do appreciate the pretty red paint on the hood and fenders, it is a nice looking tractor. New.
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I lot of the worlds rigging is done with chains. I worked for a crane company and they really resisted some chain and we had most every choker made. Junkyard types use chain also and its really good about damage and last forever so to speak.
I hang a bunch on my forklift, its as good a place as any and free counterweight.
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On the truck I use nylon. I should have some steel but am so used to it, got a lot of it fit to be rigged and a bunch of shackles. With tractor and bucket use a chain or 2, have some hooks welded on and can do so many rig ups with a single 20 ft chain with the extra hooks on the machine.
I will agree if I was logging regular would certainly tailor some chokers to it. For the dozen or couple dozen I handle a year use my common straps.
I wish we had better cameras back in the day, I should have got more pics of the adventures. I did a crane rental loading out a piece from a junkyard been bought out and they sent a couple their regulars. Their stock in trade was a couple 3/8 hi test chains they pretty much did it all with. They were pretty fair riggers all in all.