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Nov 5, 2018
Cub Cadet 7195
I have a Cub Cadet 7195 compact tractor. When I go to check the hydraulic fluid before I start it. The dip stick is completely dry. I put the dip stick back in to check it again and it is dripping wet full. I’ve done this 3 mornings in a row with the same results. It never use to be like this.
How should I handle this?

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Here's what my 7305 (next generation after yours) operators manual says about checking the hydraulic oil in a tractor with a hydrostatic transmission. Why you need to run it for a few minutes before checking, I don't know.

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I looked in my owners manual. All it said is for the motor not to be running and the tractor to be on level ground.
I went out and checked it before I started it, same thing as before.
I started it, let it run for about a minute, shut it off then checked it. It was dripping wet on the full mark.
Shut it off and waited about 5 minutes, checked it again and it was still on full.
I guess as long as it shows fluid, I should be good.
It’s just puzzling that I’ve owned the tractor for many years and it was never like that.

Thanks for your reply to check the owners manual.