CK30 Ignition switch replacement

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May 20, 2004
Big Island, HI
LS XR4140H (Mine) BX2380 (wife’s)
Been a number of threads on this topic, some I've even contributed. Today I FINALLY replaced my switch. The replacement has a newer part number so I'm hopeful it is an improved version.

The main point I want to make is how EASY this is to do. Not even a 5 minute job. Perhaps most difficulty was breaking open the harness LOL
Anyway, nothing had to be removed or disassembled. Loosen the ring near the key, remove, and it basically falls out. Disconnect harness. Connect new harness, push into place with right hand, easier if you pre align the little locking thingy, screw on the nut with left hand, tighten and DONE!!!!
Mine even takes the old key, so now I have extra.

What a joy to have it start first try without any fuss.

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What, no pictures...? ;)
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Thanks for the info. My switch may need replaced.
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I have 406 hours and no probs so far but it is always good to be aware of potential failure.
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unless I am mistaken all Kioti's take the same key
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I know mine took same key when i replaced the ignition switch yesterday. Was very easy job anyone could do it. Took longer to get the bolts aligned back up to the plastic steering column cover haha. Mine was under warranty so i just went and picked the part up and did myself, rather then waste the fuel to haul tractor 45 mins to Hoover Tractors. Great dealership in PA. So far been a great experience with them since i bought the tractor almost a year ago.