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May 20, 2004
Big Island, HI
LS XR4140H (Mine) BX2380 (wife’s)
Here's the situation: :confused:

Battery low, so figured a jump from a standalone battery I've used for such.
My "helper" apparently crossed the jumpers, resulting in a spark at battery and when correctly connected, no indication of electrical power. Gave up - on to next task.

I have since fully charged the battery, cleaned posts and terminals - still nothing.

Refer to trusty Kioti manuals - seems to indicate the 60 amp, slow blow fuse. Voltmeter reads 12.8 across the battery and at the starter post, but can't find anything beyond.

Owners manual (page 10-24), Parts manual (page 398), and Workshop manual (Chap 10), indicate where such 60 amp fuse might be - but I'll be darned if Im smart enough to find it.

Soooooo, if anyone out there can point me to it, so I can find it, as well as any hints as to replacement, I'd be appreciative. Picture might be good too :D

Of course, I had 3 loads of gravel dumped in the drive just prior to this setback, so a quick fix would make life more pleasant.

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I believe the is a 60amp slow blow fuse is on the main electrical harness. It should be wrapped in black tape near the stater motor.

Let me know if you see it.
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Are you absolutly positive the battery is "fully charged"? 12. 8 seems low, should be in the 13-14 range. It could be a bad cell. I know you have worked it hard & aren't you around the 3 year mark? If so it could be time for a new battery......

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Hi ,
It would seem that the main fuse, (Slow Blow) as mentioned before has blown. I believe you will find it right above the starter taped up in the harness as Cyberroc has indicated. A quick check is to pull out the fuse and run a jumper over the 2 sockets and see if you get power to your dash and key switch. You will know immediately. Most all Kioti dealers will stock this fuse for a few bucks.
Good Luck
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If the second battery was hooked up backwards to the terminals of the tractor battery I don't believe any current would have flowed through the fuse. The current would have been limited to the two batteries. If the tractor battery was too low to start the tractor in the first place, a direct short through another battery probably has totally done it in. Go ahead and check that fuse, your helper could have touched the cables to something else we don't know about. But you should take the battery to a good battery shop and ask them to load test the battery. They'll hook it up to a load rated for the battery and see what kind of voltage it can maintain.
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A quick check on the battery would be to load it up by turning the lights on and see if they dim after 10 minutes or so. There seem to have been a rash of battery related "no start" problems reported on TBN recently where the old batteries were initially considered to be OK after a simple voltage check but the problem was fixed by a new battery.
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Mahalo nui loa

After the first 10 frustrating minutes, I still hadn't found the fuse. Decided to quit looking for it and instead, traced the harness with my fingertips, bouyed the the knowlwdge that tyou guys said it should be there. I found it:D :D :D The harness was under the starter and the fuse taped to it and tucked completely behind. A very neat job, but impossible to see.
Fuse indeed blown, voltmeter showed one side hot. A quick trip to town and auto store to secure replacement. Sign of the times I guess, but the fuel costs of the trip far exceeded the cost of the fuse.
Everything back to running normal. Nothing like the growl of your Kioti calling, "Back to work".

Here a couple pics of the exposed fuse.



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Good Job, your not the first one to hunt for that fuse. It seems that many have missed it on their first few attempts.

Great Pics, should at least help the next bloke. :D

And Congrats on Fixing your Rig!!!