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Feb 7, 2005
I have a couple grease fittings on my PT that i cannot get grease through. I have taken them off, placed the grease gun on the fitting to test whether the grease is getting through...and it does. Put the fitting back on and it still does not take grease. I am puzzled as to why it still does not work. Any suggestions? Do I need that tool for $40.00 that inserts oil into the fitting?
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Which fittings are not taking grease?
First I would take the fittings back out and dig around in the hole where the grease fitttings go. Sometimes the grease gets hard in there.
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The fitting in the "ball joint" that connects the two halves of the machine together is the most problematic but it happens at other locations also.
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With the fitting out take something small that will fit up into the grease fitting hole and dig out some of the old grease, if it has hardened that might help. Another and probably better idea is to move the joint to get it in a different position [articulate, oscillate the joint] sometimes it will take in a different position, that works most of the time. Another thing you might try is to move the joint back and forth a few times to heat up the old grease and then try pumping in new grease. After you get it to taking pump grease into the joint a little after you see grease coming out of the joint, that will or might push out the old grease. When I mentioned trying to put grease in by cutting it left or right or oscillate it go from the extreme to the extreme movement of the joint . Someone mentioned something that made good sense to me and that was to do the eight hour service every 5 hours instead that makes it easier to keep track of your service schedule and also might help keep you from having fittings that won't take grease. I hope this helps.
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I keep an inventory of new grease fittings of all sizes and I would just pop a new one in. They cost pennies each. Spending an hour to fix a 5 cent zirc is not worth it to me.
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His fitting is working. It is clogged on the tractor side of the fitting.
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Have you tried a different gun? Usually those things develop enough pressure to blow through anything. Seems very strange to have this problem in multiple locations. The handle guns generate more pressure than the pistol type guns.
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Thanks everyone. I have tried most suggestions but I will try taking off the fitting and trying to remove some of the old grease..again. I have tried different "angles" with the gun. Perhaps one of those air powered grease guns might help.
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Did you try the suggestion of moving the joint? I have had that a couple of times on some of my fittings. Just by raising or lowering the FEL arms, or tilting the bucket has always solved it. :thumbsup:
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I have the same issue at the pivot joint. The only thing that worked for me was to use a torch and carefully heat up the careful though, easy to start a fire!
It now takes grease but not like it should...very hard to push it through but I can get it in there.