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g maw

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Nov 10, 2023
3600 Ford
My husband got something while Bush hogging and the clutch went out. All the way down, no clutch at all. He replaced the clutch system. STILL no clutch!! Help please!!
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Need more info, starting with what tractor. Then clutch to the PTO? Drive gears? What specifically did he replace?
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It sounds like the clutch linkage popped loose but the tractor brand and model would be helpful along with the other info requested.
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Tell him to look under the tractor while you sit on it and push the clutch in, that way he can see if the clutch pedal linkage is damaged or has a stick in it.

Please do it with the engine OFF.....
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What Model tractor? While your looking at the linkage make sure the model you have doesn't have a lockout latch so the clutch doesn't engage while sitting or in storage. Prevents it from getting stuck in and then you can't release it. Just had to replace a 63 Ford 2 stage clutch that was stuck.
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Is this the clutch pack on the PTO shaft?

Or the main drive clutch for the tractor's transmission (which would require splitting the entire tractor in half to service)? No small feat.

If it is the drive shaft for the Brush hog, then just track down what has gone bad.

Tractor driving forward and reverse?
PTO from out from tractor working or not?
Shaft through clutch?
Sheer pins?
I had a brush hog that the 90 degree ring and pinion got separated slightly and started slipping.

Good Luck